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Letters to Other Ministries

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Letter to Minister of State vide Policy-3/SERVICE/DoPT/2012-RU-I dated 01/09/2012 on the issue of proposed Constitutional Ammendment Bill in the Parliament to continue the schemes of reservation in promotion for SC/STs

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Letter to Prime Minister's Office, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions; vide DO No. 13/1/NCST/2005-Admin dated 27/04/2012 regarding judgement in Civil Appeal 2608/2011 dated 27.4.2012(U.P. Power Corporation Ltd. Vs. Rajesh Kumar & Ors).

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Letter to Railway Minister vide DO No. CP/NCST/Rail/2012/24 dated 12/03/2012 regarding the budgetary allocation of Railway Budget  in respect of Scheduled Areas

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Letter to Planning Commission on "Suggections of the Commission on matters affecting the governance  and development of Scheduled Areas" vide D.O. No. NCST/2008/ REHAB/01 dated 29th Nov. 2011 

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Letter sent to MTA, MHA, MEA, Min of Labout Employment with reference to good governance of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Areas/Tribal Areas - approach to ILO convention

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Letter to Shri Raman Singh (Chief Minister, Chhattisgarh) vide DO No. DBP/1/2013/ STGCH/ATRAPE/RU-III dated 14.01.2013 regarding reported incident of alleged rape of minor tribal girls (11) in the Jhhaliamari Ashram School under Narharpur block of district North Bastar.

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Letter to Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde (Minister of Home Affairs) vide DO No. VKC/2/2012/ STGCG/ATOTH/RU-III dated 14/01/2013 regarding the encounter of 17 tribals on 28/06/2012 in Sarkeguda village of Bijapur district.

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Letter to Joint Secretary (Ministry of Minority Affairs, Paryavaran Bhawan) vide File No. MTA/Dev.(SFC)/2012/RU-II dated 26.12.2012 regarding Comments on draft memorandum for SFC for the 'Scheme for containing population decline of small minority community, Parsis' in the 40th Meeting of the Commission.

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Letter to The Secretary (Ministry of Home Affairs, Shastri Bhawan) vide File No. 15/10/MHA/2012/RU-III dated 20.12.2012 regarding Draft Cabinet Note for promulgation of Andaman & Nicobar Islands Maritime Board Regulation, 2012 in the 40th Meeting of the Commission.

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